Eastern Geophysics Limited has a staff of well trained professionals that enable us to offer our clients the following services.

  Methodology Equipment
  • Micro surveys (ex: 100 stations) to
  • Regional surveys (ex: 10000 stations)
  • Suface TDEM
  • Borehole TDEM
  • Dipole-Dipole Array*
  • Pole-Dipole Array*
  • Gradient Array*
  • Mise-a-la-masse*
    *All capable of 2D and 3D products
  • Magnetics
  • Horizontal Loop EM
  • DGPS Positioning - Leica
  • GEM Systems Magnatometers (Proton, Potassium and Overhauser)
  • HLEM Max-Min I, II and III.
  • Leica RTK 1230
  • Data modeling and inversion
    -Induced Polarization
    -TDEM-Surface, Borehole and VTEM
    -Gravity and Magnetics (Airborne and Surface)
  • Oasis Montaj for gridding and production of GIS Products.
  • Recommendations
  • Reports